fashion disaster 

personal rant

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this is a selfie

look at how fu cking cute my starfriend is i am the luckiest gal

i’m reblogging this here too look at how cute the person i’m dating is. too cute

quick psa!

i should note that i do not tag things right off the bat. i don’t check the blacklist of all the the people who follow me when they do, so if you have something you want me to tag, please message me personally! thank you very much!

i like looking at the tags on my dib tutorial comic because no one is safe from the horror that is dibs hair

no one

psssst if you love FLCL you should really check out the manga for it (IT's SO PRETTY OMG it actually reminds me a little of Jhonen's style tbh) (ALSO ITS NOT THE SAME BUT JUST AS WELL WRITTEN AS FLCL I KNOW THAT SOUNDS HARD TO BELIEVE BUT YOU GOTTA TRUST ME)

OH NO OMG DONT WORRY i actually found out about flcl through the manga!!! its so much more confusing and still makes no sense to me but i love it 100x more 

i love this anime more than life probably

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we’ve been dating for a year



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